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DiGiCo SD7 - Ny mjukvara- Nya funktionerGenerelle nyheder
Nu har DiGiCo lanserat en ny mjukvara till SD7 med mängder av nya funktioner och uppdateringar:

Nya interna effekter:

16 stereo FPGA reverb som är permanent tillgängliga.
32 andra effekter som Delay, Chorus, Pitch Shifters och Audio Enhancers.

Channel EQ Types

EQ bands can now switch between Reciprocal and Symmetrical Q (Previously, only reciprocal EQ was available). This is done as a 2nd Function of the EQ Curve buttons which now have four possible states: Reciprocal Bell, Symmetrical Bell, Reciprocal Shelf, Symmetrical Shelf.

Output EQ Expansion

Outputs now have 8 Parametric EQ bands, 4 pre-insert A and 4 post-insert A. HPF/LPF have been removed.


Talk to Aux features added – new assignable row on Aux Outputs, controllable independently or from the Talkback panel which has a new Talk to Aux select list for each Talk button. This is implemented as a new Talkback Input channel type which uses a single engine processing channel. This new channel appears in a bank on its own for new sessions; when loading old sessions it is created automatically but not assigned to a bank.

Note that old sessions which used the maximum number of processing channels will lose the last input channel when loaded to provide the audio processing for Talk To Aux function.


New processing on all input and output channels to emulate the non-linearities of a valve amplifier
At low levels the valve is almost linear and at high levels the valve starts to compress and exhibits “soft clipping”

The Drive control increases the input gain into the valve and automatically reduces the output gain so that the volume stays the same. The indicator shows how hard you are driving the valve and hence how much distortion is happening

The Bias control sets the symmetry of the distortion
At 0 the distortion is symmetrical and produces largely 2nd (and other even) harmonic distortions. As the bias is increased the distortion becomes more and more asymmetrical and starts adding 3rd (and other odd) harmonic distortions

Audio I/O Ports

On the Audio I/O panel, it is now possible to change the Connection type for racks 1 to 4, and freely assign any MADI or Optocore connection to any rack.

Master Screen Scroll Buttons

These now control Snapshots, Matrix Inputs, and Effects, as well as Graphic EQs, depending on which one is visible and on top.

Master Screen Rotary Resolution Button

Now controls the rotary acceleration of on-screen controls being adjusted with the touch n turn control.

Session Report and Session Notes
Session Report and Session Notes buttons added under Files menu. Session Report lists the session details on the master screen in an RTF compatible format. The Save File button at the top left of this panel will save the report as the session filename suffixed with .rtf.


Added A or B Indication on SD7 Status Bar on master screen Indicating the slot the Engine is installed in.

Audio Master and Mirrored states added to Solo Meters on meter bridge.

Resetting Engine or Surfaces now prompts for confirmation.

Channel Presets buttons on the Setup panels now close the Setup panel when displaying the Presets panel.

Routing panels remain open when switching between channels.

MiniRack device type is now permitted on the Audio I/O panel and can be Auto Conformed.

Can now scroll CG Members, Group Members, Snapshot Notes, Session Notes and Session Report by touch and drag (in opposite direction to scroll bar).

Added Snapshot Transport Control panel and Layout menu button for Timecode & Transport panel. Connection options are MIDI or 9-pin (or internal if neither), set by the two buttons at the bottom right of the Snapshot Transport panel. They set both the machine control output and the timecode input options – there is no option to send timecode.

New option, Fader Touch Control, added to the Options panel, Surface tab.
The Protected mode reverts faders to D-Series behaviour, where they must be properly touched to be moved. The Free mode is as SD series was previously.

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