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DiGiCo V685Live

Nu kommer ny mjukvara till DiGiCo´s mixerbord med nya funktioner. Bland nya funktioner hittar ni:
• Stöd för D2 Rack
• SD5, SD8, SD9, SD10 och SD11 med Waves 9.5 har nu 32 Stereo Waves racks.
• SD9 Buss antal är nu utökat från 16 till 24Flexi bussar
• SD11i/B ingångar har ökat från 32 till 40 Flexi channels.
• Stöd för ClearCom ProGrid och Optocore enheter i den optiska loopen. Optocore enheterna DD4MR, DD2FR, X6R & DD32R och motsvarande Pro Grid enheter från ClearCom stöds. ClearCom och Optocore kan ni köpa av Soundware.

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V685 Release Notes
V685 replaces V634 as the current release.
V685 Will only load sessions last saved in V300 or later.
New Features
Support for D-Rack AES Input Card
New rack type “D2 Rack” has been added as an IO Device.
SD5, SD8, SD9, SD10 and SD11 running Waves 9.5 now have 32 Stereo Waves racks. (Requires
console to be running Waves V9R15 or Higher)
SD9 Buss count has increased from 16 to 24 Flexi Busses.
SD11i/B input channel count has been increased from 32 to 40 Flexi Channels.
Insert point B on up to 32 mono input channels can now be switched to a Post fader insert point.
If “Listen to copied Audio” is active, this is now indicated on the Session Status Panel.
Aux Sends are now available on Groups in Live and Theatre versions.
A New Option “Global Quick Select” has been added to SD5/9/11. This makes the Quick Select
buttons affect all banks, not just the current bank on view.
A new solo option has been added. If a rotary is assigned to channel pan, Aux-to-Faders for a stereo
aux will re-assign it to the aux pan while the solo is active.
Solo outputs are now available as input sources. You can only get them in a new default session.
Only mono outputs are available in broadcast mode. Routing such a signal displays a warning
message not to solo it, and cancels any solos currently active. Changing solo stereo mode will
unroute any inputs using solo outputs (with a warning - all signals are unrouted and they must be
rerouted manually).
On Recall and Update Scope panels, touching the section name at the top of a list of channels (or
when the channels are folded up) requests a confirmation before switching the whole section.
Individual GPOs now have a snapshot recall scope which applies to all snapshots.
There is a new Lock button at the left of the Snapshots panel with a corresponding scope symbol
displayed in the list. This locks an individual snapshot against being updated by Update Current,
Update Selected, Edit Range, or Auto-Update. (Live and Broadcast Only).
“Relative Gain-Tracking” is now implemented as a “Snapshot Recalls Total Gain” option at the bottom
of the Snapshot Global Scope panel. When a snapshot recalls an input channel trim, it compares the
snapshot's analog gain against the current gain on the channel's input socket. If there's a difference
it offsets the value recalled by the trim. This only happens when the socket's rack is in Receive Only,
or the analog gain is not in Recall Scope.
In the Macro Editor there is now a choice of GPI or OSC when dialing in a number for assigning a
The Clear Bank button in the Fader Banks panel is now available on all consoles.
Preset Recall input scope expanded to give separate input, gain/trim and processing scopes.
In Offline Software, there are now dB markings along the fader track.
The Channel List panel now includes columns for the Alt Input Route and Listen Safe.
Session Report will use multiple lines per channel to list all inputs and outputs and can be saved to a
removable drive if present.
A new “default rack” button has been added to Audio IO. When pressed, the gains, pads, srcs and
phantom power settings for the selected port will be set to default values.
A ”received frame rate” readout has been added to the Timecode and transport panel.
Individual Snapshots can be partial loaded from one session to another.
Support for Ross Audio Protocol (RAP) – Contact for further information
Optocore System (V221)
Support for Optocore DD4MR, DD2FR, X6R & DD32R devices in Audio IO. Please note current DD32R
firmware only supports 48K operation.
Full support for Dual loop operation
The Channel allocations for SD Rack I/O and Opto send/rev ports have been revised. The previous
limit of 448 SD Rack I/O plus 56 inter-console channels per loop has been adjusted to allow all 504
Channels to be assigned as Rack IO or Opto Snd/Rcv ports as required.

“Relative Faders in Cue Groups” option is now a Macro command.
A new Option to Disable ‘Insert New’, ‘Duplicate’, ‘Update Current’, 'Update Group' and ‘Update
Selected’ on the screen which are often touched accidentally when using the Cue list scroll bar
Theatre Channel and Module Cues panels now show faders with the module snapshot name and cue
data as well as the fader level.
Auxs, Groups and Matrix channels can now be added to channel sets.
Channel Cues now defaults to showing names, not changes (asterisks).
Control Groups and GEQs are now included in the Choose Channels list for Channel Cues.
“Control Group Members” recall scope is now enabled by default when creating a new session.
A new button “create new set” has been added to CG Cues which will create a new Channel set from
the members of a custom CG Cue.
On the CG Cues panel, right-clicking on a cell toggles between clearing and copying from the cell
above following the ripple down option.
On the Channel Cues panel, right-clicking on a module cell copies the module snapshot from the cell
above, according to the update and ripple buttons.

Backstop PFL now functional on output busses.
New option on SD7B and SD10B for Speaker Mute to do Dim if pressed briefly & released.
New behavior of Backstop PFL in Dual Solo mode:-
– Backstop now affects either or both solos if they are switched to PFL, and ignores solos
switched to AFL, irrespective of which is on the LCD button.
– If a PFL is switched on manually, Backstop doesn't cancel it.
If both Solo1 and Solo2 are PFL, then this last feature doesn't work unless BOTH solos are switched
on manually. If only one is switched on, backstop switches on the other, then cancels both when
A new option for “Backstop position” and “PFL trigger position” can be set in the Fader tab.

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