Ny mjukvara DK T7

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DK Technologies har släppt ny mjukvara till T7 med nya funktioner som:

New on-screen editor for meter channel assignment with insert and delete.

Dual-scale display for loudness users

Multi-touch right key panel slide away function

New multi-touch user interface together with USB mouse control

Up to 16 lines of information display including user defined text lines with variable font size

Up to 4 simultaneous loudness and true-peak group display and logging (separate license)

Loudness Automation Capture for optimization and time line display (separate license)

Real-time-clock loudness logging and display

Loudness Capture with user-defined start and stop time

Free assignable interface ports, SDI, AES, Analogue, and HDMI

New function calls for SAVE, FACTORY RESET, STANDBY and more...

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